Healthy in Hamburg

Struggling to find a doctor who speaks your mother tongue? Feeling overwhelmed with the process of signing up for public or private health insurance? Wondering where to turn to for advice and help during a mental health crisis? The MICADO system is set up to guide users through different health related aspects, informing them about the availability of local services and how to access them.

Healthy in Hamburg

The local MICADO application in Hamburg offers a comprehensive overview of services in the German health care system and answers questions such as „Why do I need health insurance?”  and „When should I consult my local general practitioner, my pharmacists or visit the nearest hospital?

Micado in Hamburg provides a repository of diverse health related information. Newcomers can inform themselves about the potential costs of medicine and the difference between prescription and non-prescription drugs. They can browse through a list of doctors categorized based on their speciality and language skills.

Migrants who do not have a valid health insurance are guided to local service points who can give free advice on health-related aspects and treatment for the uninsured.

The local application in Hamburg also offers step-by-step guides for the following situations:

  • What to do when struggling with mental illness
  • How to get your health insurance card
  • Where to turn to when you are feeling sick