Navigating bureaucracy in Bologna

New arrivals often need to navigate a complex web of public administrative processes, such as applying for a residence permit, requesting the issuing of ID documents, registering a place of residence in a local municipality, applying for social services or enrolling children in public schools. For non-native speakers who are not familiar with the local public system, these bureaucratic processes can be a tough challenge to master. MICADO provides a quick and easy-to-understand overview of existing services and guides the users through the administrative journeys.

Micado in Bologna offers guided processes on complex administrative journeys, such as converting a residence permit into a work permit:

For residents in Bologna who have a valid residence permit for studying, caring for minors or other reasons, a process can be completed to convert the residence permit into a work permit. The guided process informs users about the eligibility criteria, the type of documents that need to be submitted with the application and the fees that need to be paid in the different steps of the process. Furthermore, migrants are pointed to the location of relevant offices that process such requests and informed about different procedures that apply to prospective employees and self-employed workers.